War of Walls

Why do you find yourself pushing them away?
A hard brick wall built around like an army bunker
Is it the fear of getting hurt, the fear of broken promises and irreparable trust
Weapons of mass destruction
Could it be the apprehension of entering unknown territory, not understanding the footing or place
The resistance becoming such a comfort
Is it the fear of falling too deep and becoming a prisoner of failure
A hidden white flag on an open battlefield
Haunting thoughts of the deepest of fears and inconsolable weaknesses
A defence mechanism built to cope with past angst bringing harsh hostilities of betrayal
Heavy bombs of deceit
Could it be the opposing wall, an unrelenting burden to unmask
The military effort seemingly too much
Opponents on either side armed with forces of barraging questions of motives
A feud of conflicting interests
Fearing exposure
No surrender
A battle cry
A tug of walls


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